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Fedora 31 Workstation

Recently, I bragged about my first-ever-in-life ‘wake up and buy’ purchase, the Lenovo ThinkPad x230 which actually turned out to be a great deal. That doesn’t really surprise me as much because as we have already detailed ― TPs are sacred and my expectations were met high. What really blew my mind in the past few days and I realized it just today, it is that the Linux distro I put ― Fedora 31 Workstation ― actually works and feels comfortable.

Here is a very well versed review credit of and I think that it can serve as a great and unbiased explainer of why I am in awe.

I remember precisely when it was the last time when I used Fedora – it was before somewhat 12-13 years and it was called Fedora Core back then. I probably wouldn’t have remembered that so sharp if Fedora Core 7 new installation hadn’t formatted irreversibly my laptop’s hard drive due to some sneaky LVM malfunction during installation. LVM, that heartless s.o.b, was just making its way towards desktop distributions – I see it everywhere now. When this happened I was so pissed and it was the last time I trusted a desktop Linux distribution with my personal, getting-things-done-quick-and-precise operations.

I have never regretted this decision and I have secretly [and sometimes – not] mocked people trying to run serious business and daily operations on a desktop Linux distribution ever since. Perhaps ― I may continue doing, perhaps ― I may repeal, no one really knows. I remain strong within the Apples, at least for now 🙂

What does one know for certain, however, is that I spent good halves of my past two business days, actually working – like serious running serious business and multitasking – on a Fedora 31 Workstation. It somehow worked or at least I cannot smell fire burning. I even may have enjoyed it a bit. I hope St. Steve will forgive.

That’s a bummer for so many reasons so I don’t really know where to begin. I continue to explore and dig more in Gnome 3 pimping now. Will share some results soon.

Stay safe + wash your hands, XO

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